Plug-in Temperature Controller / Plug-in Digital Thermostat

          Model HY02TP  

 Key Features: 

1. As easy to operate as the previous Heatermate model in the Manual mode (comes as default) – “set and forget”.

2. Built-in simple Timer with ON/OFF times for each day – to be operated in Manual mode.

3. Built-in 7 days Timer with different SET temperatures for different times during the day and days of the week – to be operated in Automatic mode.

4. Larger display showing time, status, SET temperature, room temperature and other information.

5. Child lock.  Activated automatically after 10 minutes. Press and hold Down button for 3 seconds then release to deactivate.

6. Full 2400W power rating – suitable for any electric heater (the previous Heatermate model was up to 2300W).

7. Adjustable temperature sensor – customer is able to adjust Heatermate sensor reading to make it consistent with their other room thermometer or baby monitor.

8. Adjustable thermostat differential – customer can adjust by how much the room temperature should drop before the heater is switched back ON. This also will regulate how often the heater will come ON and OFF.

9. Comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty (the previous model had 1 year manufacturer’s warranty).




 Technical Specifications:

1. Operating voltage: 240V AC/ 50Hz;

2. Load (Max): 

    10A  2400W  (resistive)

3. Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 70°C.

4. Store Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C.

5. Temperature Control range: 1°C ~ 70°C;


     Measuring period: 10 S.

6. Function: Heating or Cooling.

7. Temperature Control: 

      Control T = Set T (Heating) 

      Control T = Set T+1°C (Cooling)

      T deviation from Control T to activate controlled unit: 

             -1°C (Heating),

             +1°C (Cooling)


For Heatermate with Timer Manual please click here: HY02TP

For Heatermate with Timer WiFi Manual please click here: HY02TPWiFi

Plug-in Temperature Controller / Plug-in Digital Thermostat Wireless

          Model WTS2000  


Key Features: 


1. Temperature sensor in Control Unit, which is

    separate from Plug Unit, - place it where you need

    to measure and control room temperature

2. Programmable Timer - set different target

    temperatures in different time ranges (P1~P8)

3. Simple manual “set and forget” mode available

4. Heating and Cooling modes - control your heater in

    winter and air-conditioner in summer from     anywhere in the house

5. Easy pairing via unique code - use multiple sets in

    the same house without interfering with each other

6. Extra large LCD showing time, date and room

    temperature - use as thermometer and clock in

    standby mode

7. Green backlight - easy to operate in the dark

    (the backlight comes on when the light button is     pressed and stays on for 7 seconds)

8. Child lock - activated automatically after 10 min of     inactivity or via a press of the button when needed.





Technical Specifications:


Control unit

1. Tempature accuracy ± 1°C

2. Current Temp. Resolution 0.1°C

3. TARGET Temp. Resolution 1°C

4. Power supply 3V (2pcs* AA 1.5V (not     included)

5. Max.Range 20 meters in open area

6. Transmisson Frequency 433.92Mhz

7. Product demension 124x82x42mm

8. Net weight 121g


Plug Unit

1. Max Rating 240V/10A/2400W

2. Transmission Frequency 433.92Mhz

3. Product dimension 132x62x76mm

4. Net weight 127g


For Heatermate with Timer Wireless Manual please click here 

Note: Designed for heaters and air-conditioners which automatically restart after power reconnection.

Compliance with ANZ Electrical Safety Standards


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