Plug-in Temperature Controller / Plug-in Digital Thermostat

          Model MH-810TN  

 Technical Specifications:

1. Operating voltage: 230V AC/ 50Hz;

2. Load (Max): 

    10A  2300W  (resistive)

3. Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C.

4. Store Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C.

5. Temperature Control range: 5°C ~ 30°C;


     Measuring period: 10 S.

6. Function: Heating or Cooling.

7. Temperature Control: 

      Control T = Set T (Heating) 

      Control T = Set T+1°C (Cooling)

      T deviation from Control T to activate 

       controlled unit: 

             -1°C (Heating),

             +1°C (Cooling)


For Heatermate with Timer Manual and Specifications click here:  HY02TP  

 Key Features: 

» Simultaneously displays current

   room temperature and set temperature.

 » Digital thermometer function in stand-by.  

 » Back-up battery allows setting out of

  mains socket and stores set point.

» Easy room temperature setting by

   pressing UP and DOWN buttons.  

» Can be used to control heater in winter     

   and air-conditioner or heat extraction fan  

   in summer                                                   

» Color LED status indicator: 

     Red - Controlled Unit is OFF

     Green - Controlled Unit is ON


Please click to download

Heatermate Manual:



Note: Designed for heaters and air-conditioners which automatically restart after power reconnection.

Compliance with ANZ Electrical Safety Standards


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